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Three UAE airlines as well as one of their Gulf peers are looking to fill several positions including pilots, captains and first officers.

Gulf-based carriers, especially those in the UAE, have seen record growth in their fleet and destinations, adding to their need for hiring staff.

Recent global reports have pointed out that a shortage of pilots is leading to an increase in pilot salaries and incentives.

Emirates airline

June is the month for hiring pilots for Dubai-based Emirates airlines. The airline is currently hiring pilots for its Airbus and Boeing fleet, with recruitment days this month across a number of cities globally.

The company’s pilot recruitment team will be attending career fairs in UK cities of Glasgow on June 24; in Edinburgh on the June 25, in Newcastle on June 27 and in Manchester on the 28th of the month.

The fair is scheduled to take place in the Brazilian cities of Rio De Janeiro on July 11 and Sao Paulo on July 12; in Santiago, Chile on July 14 and in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the July 16.

The remuneration package for Emirates’ pilots comprises of both cash and non-cash elements. The cash component for a captain includes a monthly salary of Dh42,015 and a first officer gets Dh29,700 (basic salary plus hourly flying pay based on 85 block hours per month).

There is an additional productivity pay, accommodation allowance, exchange rate protection scheme, education support allowance, provident fund/end of service gratuity, which is added to the package.  However, the eligibility of the benefits is subject to each applicant’s personal circumstances.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is also looking for captains for its A320s, A330/340s, B777s, captain non-rated B777s and captain B787s. Whereas first officers are needed for A320s, A330/A340s, A380s, B777s, non-rated B777s and B787s.

Etihad offers its captains a starting salary of Dh35,200 per month and an annual salary increment of two per cent, becoming three per cent after completing 5 years. Housing allowance up to Dh170,000 per year and education allowance of Dh36,000 for kids in primary schools and Dh50,400 for children in secondary schools, for up to four children is provided.

Other standard benefits include flight duty allowance, meal allowance during layovers and income protection scheme among other things.

First officers, on the other hand, get a starting salary of Dh26,000 per month and an annual salary increment of 2 per cent. Housing allowance up to Dh160,000 per year and education allowance of Dh36,000 for primary and Dh50,400 for secondary up to 4 children is provided. Other standard benefits are also included.


Flydubai, too, is looking for first officers and captains to pilot its growing fleet. Benefits include a competitive tax-free salary, as the airline claims, along with a housing allowance, medical insurance, education allowance and several non-cash benefits such as unlimited discounted flydubai tickets and staff discounts and offers on local products and services among other things.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air is also looking to hire captains for its A320s. The airline promises to offer a competitive package that includes a tax-free annual salary and benefits depending on family status, plus flying allowances. In addition, a housing and education allowance with company funded income protection insurance is added to the package.