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Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake says the price of fuel and ten other commodities will be reduced through an interim budget that will be presented in Parliament on January 29.

He made this statement subsequent to assuming duties at his ministry on Tuesday.

Ravi Karunanyake took oaths on Monday as the Minister of Finance  and assumed duties on Tuesday, subsequent to engaging in religious observances. The Minster of Finance expressed these views to the media and spoke about his future course of action:

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I have made a plea to the Secretary, to inform the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and me on the real state of the Finance Ministry within one week.I asked him to report to me, the true situation of the economy which has been trumpeted about for so long. We have promised the public, a programme, to reduce the price of ten commodities. I would like to state at this occasion that instead of an era where money went into the pockets of only one or two people, we will usher in an era where the pockets of the public will be filled with money.