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Muthuhettigama flees to Singapore
For alleged offences made by deputy minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama by setting fire to the Wanduramba opposition stage, for damaging two shops at Udappu and abducting three suspects from the police station he had been absconding the police.He had been issued with a court warrant.It is reported that he is going to Singapore in a early morning flight at 12.40 am.He had said he would be away to media reporters that he respects the court orders and be back until the election is over.

Daham Sirisena’s fiance’ and her father flee to Singapore
Daham Sirisena’s fiance’ and her father owner of Alcardo Athula Weeraratne have fled to Singapore.This is as they were wanted with the case of keeping rupees 150 million worth of foreign currencies hidden in a bag in their house.The money had been given by an embassy of a powerful foreign country.