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With the introduction of the Express Entry system this year, those who wish to migrate to Canada may feel there is only one way to go about this.

However, there are many roads that lead to Canada. In fact, there are almost as many as the provinces count.

Canada counts 10 provinces and 3 territories. Every province and territory with the exception of Nunavut runs its own immigration programme, called the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

These are shaped by the specific demands of a province and have different requirements for eligibility.

Sometimes, it is easier to move through a PNP, while in other cases the federal system proves more suitable to a persons’ specific requirements.

However, what is certain is that the chances of being accepted as a new resident to the country increase when all options are considered.

How does it work?

A person can apply for a PNP alone, or in combination with an application on the federal level.

Provinces are able to make nominations under their programmes outside the Express Entry system.

This means that individuals who wish to migrate to Canada, but who are not eligible to enter the Express Entry pool, may still be able to make an application to migrate to Canada through a provincial programme, as long as they are eligible for that program.

Or, individuals can apply on both levels. When on the Express Entry list, the file may be noticed by the province or an employer. The applicant can also note to have a special interest in migrating to a province.

An invitation from a province will gain the applicant 600 points, half of the total 1,200 under the Express Entry system.

The applicant does have to comply with the requirements of one of the federal streams under the Express System.

Most provinces are now offering immigration routes where the procedures of application through the federal and provincial channel are integrated, making it easier for the applicant to apply on both levels.

This is an overview of the options available since January 2015.