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The much-awaited New Year’s Eve celebrations across the UAE have become an annual highlight that draw in thousands of residents and tourists alike and amidst the excitement of watching spectacular fireworks, a laser show and revelling in the fun of the moment, many people forget to pay attention to their own safety, according to a local daily.

In its editorial, the Gulf News said that the authorities have, across the country, put in every single measure to enable the celebrations to be conducted in an absolutely safe manner.

"Arrangements covering every aspect of the event, from access to the venue, to enjoying the New Year’s Eve programmes from vantage points to a safe exit from the venues, along with transportation arrangements and onsite facilities, have been meticulously planned and organised. It is therefore incumbent upon the public to endorse the efforts of the authorities by acting responsibly towards the cause of their own welfare. It is also important for parents to be ever-vigilant of children accompanying them to the event and ensure their safety."

The daily added that the scale of the venue and the rush of crowds, inevitable as they are, accentuate the need for the public to follow the rules and the events’ etiquette as sought by the authorities. Detailed information on the arrangements has been provided through various platforms and the public should be cognizant of it before setting out to enjoy the celebrations on December 31.

"The collective discipline of arriving at the venue in time, participating in the proceedings with awareness and exiting the venue, as prescribed, will amount to a well-discharged responsibility as a society."

The new year deserves a happy and safe welcome and each of us needs to do our bit to make it happen, it concluded.